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PB9716B is an initiative alarm pull-box that could be in different use with a number of connectors. 

Several kinds of optional connectors meet various of needs from customers’

PB9716B-L02     Basic Mousetrap Type  

PB9716B-B       Fixed Metallic Sheet Type

PB9716B-XQ      Adjustable Wire-rope Type

PB9716B-520     Oval contact sensor type with LED

PB9716B-502     Small Circular contact sensor type

PB9716B-548     Big Circular contact sensor type

PB9716B-540     Soft Slice contact sensor type

PB9716B-50      USB Plug sensor type

PB9716B-M~U    Micro USB Plug sensor type

Suitable for almost any circumstances of sales like super marketretail storeshopping mallcarousel center and so on.

Updated metallic contactor

Customized and adjustable pull wire

Unified base style make the installing and display concise

Different kinds of connectors use different kinds key for unlocking brings extra protection

Patented Product




Independent Alarm Function

Remote Control

Built-in Battery

Lithium Battery

Low Battery Indication

(Sound& light indication)

Maximum Standby Time

2 years

Alarm Volume


Alarm Position Indication

Wire Rope DIA


Wire Rope Length


Wire Rope Elastic Recoil

1/4 lb

Remove Alarm function



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