NT509Pull Box Tag

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Parameters of pull box tag:

1. Product size: 51DiaX 54H mm.

2. Cable: 1.2mm dia and 800mm length.

3. Alarm volume: 90db.

4. Standby time: 2 years (Battery CR1632 Replaceable).

5. Frequency: 8.2MHZ / 58KHZ / 8.2Mhz & 58Khz.

Features of pull box tag:

1. Cable Auto-retractable

2. Eliminate the problem of cable mess on ordinary spider tags. 

3. Easy detaching, faster checkout.

4. If cable is cut, change the pull box part for reuse.

5. If there are higher requirements on security functions, change the alarm unit for update.

6. If the battery runs out, replace the battery for reuse.

The R&D intention of pull box wrap tag:

The pull box wrap tag with cable Auto-retractable function that can solve the problem of easy winding ,installation and management time-consuming from ordinary spider tag .This type wrap tag greatly improves the efficiency of installation, as well as perfect the use experience. This tag is composed of alarm unit and pull box, the alarm unit can be upgraded to improve the security. The battery, alarm unit and pull-box can be replaced, and the product can be used sustainably.

Application of pull box wrap tag:

Toys, small appliances, digital products and other products with outer packaging box

NT509 2A  2 Alarm

1.Pass the antenna, antenna will alarm.

2.Cut the cable, tag will alarm.


NT509 3A  3Alarm

1.Pass the antenna, antenna will alarm.

2.Cut the cable, tag will alarm.

3.Pass the antenna, tag itself will alarm.

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