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DA1852B Multi-Functional Oblique Display Stand

1. Specially designed separation way for stand & bottom metal mounting base

2. Detachable bottom metal mounting base can be fixed to table top or wall surface by 3M adhesive tape or screws

3. Stand color: white / black / silver / gold for your options

4. LED on base: red / blue / green color for your options

5.  Independent alarm stand DA1852B is compatible with ES548C sensor

   Non alarm stand DA1852 is compatible with ES548B4V super sensor (with independent alarm function)

   Non alarm stand DA1852 can work with ES548C sensor & central control alarm units

6. 90°„or 180°„adjustable display angle for sensor head

7. Can indicate alarm location

8. Provide charging output Max charging current 2A

9. DA1852B has many alarm functions. Alarm can be triggered when

Bottom base is tampered / sensor is disconnected / charging cable is cut or taken out

10. Suitable for merchandise displays of mobile phone or small-sized electronic products. 


Parameters of DA1852B Oblique Display Stand

1)    Stand shape & size: oval shaped stand: 6.3 X 4.9 X 7 Cm (intermediate value)

2)     Main material for the stand: ABS. Material for Metal mounting base: aluminum

3)    Alarm volume for DA1852 alarm stand: °›100DB

4)    Max output charging current: 2A

5)    Battery standby time (for the rechargeable lithium battery inside DA1852B): 7 days (if no external power supply)

6)    Code modification function: yes

7)    Low battery indication: yes

8)    External power on / off indication: yes

9)    Display angle: adjustable

10) Power input via: USB plug, 1 meter cable

Optional Accessories for DA1852B:
*  Power adapter: 5V/2A-USB or 5V/2AX6USB power adapter.
*  Charging cable types: Micro USB, Apple, Type-C.
*  DP1151 / DP1161 apple clamp (clamp for mobile phone / tablet).
*  EAS051R hand-held decoder (with detacher & remote key functions).

Remarks: As an independent alarm unit, ES545B4V super sensor has more application possibilities. For more details, please check with our website.


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