Focused on design, manufacture and quality service since 2006. SATA provides display and security solutions for a wide range of applications. From retail display to alarm system to OEM & ODM industrial applications, our technology team has an innovative solution that will protect and display the best features of your products, services and customer experiences.
     We provide security solutions for global retailer's high theft merchandise. Our goal is to increase the ways of helping our customers increasing their sales while decreasing the theft of their merchandise. Meanwhile, we are specialized to provide more ways help the clients when they want to enjoy the best customers experience.
     SATA  products are designed to professional and simple to use. Combining superior products with quality service has been our goal since we opened our doors for business. We start with creative design, super technology and best customer service only those that meet our rigorous standards.We focused not only on security solutions but also customer experiences.
     At SATA, relationships are as important as the product quality. Complete customer satisfaction is our priority goal. A Targeted Approached... To all your Security Display Needs.

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